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When we think about setting up our own apartment, we are faced with the eternal question “how should we do it?” There are many ways to choose decorations. How many owners, how many ideas. We can try to work out our own style or decide on trends from far away. Specialists we will describe to you the most important features of the Japanese style of interior design.

Minimalism is the basis

The first striking feature of Japanese apartments is the extraordinary simplicity of their elements. Contrary to trends, this piece of furniture is the central element of the standard room layout. This does not mean, however, that communication inside the room is disturbed in any way, on the contrary.

The low condition of the furniture, simple geometric shapes and raw character of the solids gives the rooms a unique, minimalist style and, consequently, the impression of being in a large space with unlimited possibilities of movement.

Functionality. Not only out of necessity

Japan is an island state with a limited area suitable for development. For this reason, both the costs of apartments and flats are relatively high compared. It also forces the construction of very small apartments, which makes it necessary to arrange them in the most functional way, using each given square meter.

Although the size is a major determinant of the use of innovative solutions, such as double roles of one piece of furniture, which can be both a coffee table and a comfortable pouffe for guests (the creativity of the Japanese in these matters is unbeatable), this lifestyle has its foundation in the deeply rooted culture of the inhabitants.

Being a nation that has for centuries isolated itself from the customs of Western countries, Japan has developed a kind of social code calling for (and sometimes even prescribing) a very practical approach to many issues of everyday life. This also applies to the ways of arranging the apartment.

Your oasis of peace

It is of great importance for the Japanese to have a layout of rooms, furniture, colours and decoration elements that harmonizes with the appropriate balance of Zen art. In order to make our four angles more similar to real Japanese decorations, we choose natural shades of beige and brown, accentuating only here and there black or white.

Harmony and balance are the main determinants that we should follow. Besides, in flats stylized as those of the country of the blossoming cherry tree, there should be plenty of space for meditation, or just to find a moment just for yourself in the middle of the crowd of everyday matters. This could be a home library, a corner in the living room or a thick carpet by the fireplace.

In harmony with nature

The last very important guideline when designing rooms is to use references to nature. Inspiration coming from nature is extremely important when choosing decorative elements. Wood has a dominant role here, not only furniture is made of it, but also decorations or door frames in a screen style with fabric or paper inside. Such solutions fit perfectly into all the characteristics of this style.

Finally, it is worth mentioning briefly the lighting, which, in contrast to our habits, usually falls from the sides (walls) than from the ceiling. Architects from the Land of the Rising Sun are focused primarily on floor lamps, directional lights illuminating the main elements of the equipment, as well as lanterns and candles.